Microstress doses


Microstress doses, as described by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, are small, manageable doses of stress that, in isolation, are easy to handle. However, when these doses accumulate over time, they contribute to our overall stress levels and can become a problem if they push us beyond our personal stress threshold. This chronic accumulation of microstress can lead to health issues and decrease our resilience to stress.

Dr. Chatterjee further explains that many people might accumulate around 15 microstress doses before even leaving the house in the morning. He emphasizes the benefits of morning routines in reducing these doses, thereby enhancing resilience and reducing the likelihood of stress-related issues throughout the day. These routines provide a buffer by reducing exposure to early microstress doses, thus offering more headroom to handle stress during the day 1 2 3.

Deconstructing Stress

Rich and Rangan discuss the different faces of stress, from the chronic nature of microstress doses to the lasting impact of adverse childhood experiences. They explore how these various stressors can accumulate and contribute to our overall well-being, offering valuable insights for understanding and managing stress in our own lives.

Rich Roll

Stop Letting Stress Rule Your Life: Rangan Chatterjee, MD | Rich Roll Podcast