How did his lawyer convince him?


In the episode featuring Matthew Cox, he describes how his lawyer convinced him during a federal fraud case. Initially, the lawyer took a substantial fee and indicated that Matthew might go to jail for a few years. This dire outlook, according to Matthew, was possibly a tactic to justify the high legal fees. As Matthew reviewed the legal guidelines himself, he realized that the fraud he was accused of did not pose a serious threat of jail time because there was no potential for the banks to lose money. His property transactions had sufficient equity and were being resolved favorably. This led to his lawyer eventually informing him that there was no potential for fraud, reducing the potential legal consequences significantly. This scenario shows a combination of initial fear, legal maneuvering, and eventual relief through personal investigation of the facts 1 .

Facing Federal Charges

Matthew Cox shares his experience facing federal charges and the process of finding a defense attorney. He discusses the initial fear of going to jail, the role of his lawyer in convincing him otherwise, and the relief of discovering there was no potential fraud.

Lex Fridman Podcast

Matthew Cox: FBI Most Wanted Con Man - $55 Million in Bank Fraud | Lex Fridman Podcast #409