What is the innovative nutrition app?


The innovative nutrition app you're asking about is called the Carbon App. As explained by and Layne Norton on the , the Carbon App is designed to help users navigate exercise, nutrition, and energy balance for various goals like weight loss, muscle gain, and weight maintenance 1.

Key features of the Carbon App include:

  • Personalized plans based on user inputs about their activity, exercise, lifestyle, body weight, and dietary preferences.
  • Daily weight logging and food tracking for accurate monitoring.
  • Weekly check-ins that adjust calorie intake based on progress, ensuring personalized and dynamic diet adjustments 2 3.

    Carbon App

    Layne Norton discusses the creation of the Carbon app, which helps users navigate nutrition, exercise, and energy balance. The app asks questions about activity, lifestyle, and body weight to formulate a baseline plan. The goal was to automate coaching and make it more affordable for those who can't afford expensive one-on-one coaching.

    Huberman Lab

    Dr Layne Norton: The Science of Eating for Health, Fat Loss & Lean Muscle | Huberman Lab Podcast #97
  • Different dietary preferences (e.g., balanced, low-carb, ketogenic, plant-based) with customizable macronutrient ranges to improve adherence and long-term success 3.

The app was developed to automate many aspects of personal coaching, making high-quality diet and exercise guidance more affordable and accessible. Users have provided positive feedback, praising the app's user-friendly interface and effectiveness 1.