Will crypto change venture capital?


Crypto is being viewed as a transformative force in the realm of venture capital. According to Mike Maples Jr., crypto could move society from the idea of 'tragedy of the commons' to the 'wealth of the commons.' He suggests that crypto tokens offer a new way to create wealth through decentralized contributions and rewards within a community, rather than the traditional centralized equity capital structures seen in venture capital. This could potentially rebalance the power dynamics in funding and innovation, introducing a more peer-driven mechanism of growing and deriving value from ventures 1.

Furthermore, Tim Ferriss discussed with Kevin Rose the significant investment flow into crypto by venture firms, indicating serious attention from the investment community. Rose highlights both the opportunities and risks, acknowledging the substantial sums being directed towards crypto ventures while cautioning about the prevalence of low-quality, hype-driven projects in the unregulated market 2.

These insights illustrate a potentially significant reshaping of the venture capital landscape, influenced by the principles and mechanisms of cryptocurrency.

The Wealth of Networks

Mike Maples Jr. discusses the concept of moving from the tragedy of the commons to the wealth of the commons through crypto tokens. He believes that crypto has the potential to create abundance and leverage the wealth of networks. This new way of creating wealth may change the traditional venture capital model.

Tim Ferriss Show

Mike Maples Jr Interview | The Tim Ferriss Show (Podcast)