Why is the running community growing?


The running community is growing for several reasons:

  1. Inclusivity and Support: Many new running communities are forming their own cultures, independent of traditional running hubs. These groups often foster a sense of belonging, support, and camaraderie which motivates more people to join and stay active 1 2.

  2. Rise of Social Components: Trail running, the fastest growing outdoor recreation, exemplifies this by frequently engaging people with outdoor environments, making them ideal ambassadors for environmental causes 3. Engaging repeatedly with trails fosters a deep connection to the activity and the environment.

    Building a Running Community

    Sid Baptista shares his journey of building a running community from scratch, emphasizing the importance of consistency and self-motivation. As the group grew, they created their own structure and operated independently from the established running community. The sense of support and camaraderie among the members turned the run crew into a tight-knit family.

    The Morning Shakeout

    Episode 206 | Sid Baptista
  3. Consistency and Accountability: Regular group workouts build bonds among participants. The consistency in participation and mutual encouragement among members helps maintain interest and adherence to running routines 1 4.

  4. Evolution and Diversity: The running community is becoming more diverse, welcoming people from various backgrounds and disciplines. This openness to different cultures and practices makes the community more vibrant and inclusive 5 6.

  5. Mental and Physical Benefits: For many, running started as a personal activity for dealing with stress or personal challenges. Over time, the shared goals and relationships built in the running community contribute to a stronger sense of purpose and fulfillment 5.

These elements combined create a robust and ever-expanding running culture that appeals to a wide range of people, fostering continuous growth.