Food Pyramid


Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa, in their discussion with David Hauser on the , describe the food pyramid as a politically motivated and flawed framework. They argue it's not science-based and has led to decades of misinformation affecting societal health. The pyramid's guidance, like promoting low-fat and high-sugar foods, heavily influences food manufacturers and the labeling of packaged foods. The discussion emphasizes the need for a science-based alternative with multiple healthy options 1.

Food Pyramid Fallout

Jonathan, David, and Brad discuss the devastating impact of the food pyramid on our society. The food pyramid is not science-based and has been a source of misinformation for decades. It has influenced food manufacturers and every packaged food in the supermarket. The speakers call for a change in the food pyramid and for multiple healthy options to be available.


151 | Unstoppable | Creating A Framework For Decision Making With David Hauser