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Here are some podcast options based on your test query:

  1. How Do You Use ChatGPT?: Hosted by Dan Shipper, this podcast discusses various topics related to ChatGPT and its applications. [Dan Shipper]

  2. The Knowledge Project: Hosted by Shane Parrish, this podcast delves into strategies from successful individuals across various fields. Topics include leadership, productivity, decision making, and more. [Shane Parrish]

  3. The Next Great Thing: Hosted by Andrew Greenstein, this podcast focuses on innovations and upcoming significant trends in technology and business. [Andrew Greenstein]

  4. My First Million: Hosted by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr, this podcast explores entrepreneurship, investment strategies, and wealth-building, often discussing current trends like AI and the metaverse. [Shaan Puri], [Sam Parr]

  5. Science Vs: Hosted by Wendy Zukerman, this science-focused podcast critically examines facts against commonly held myths in various topics like health, technology, and society. [Wendy Zukerman]

  6. The Neuro Experience with Louisa Nicola: Hosted by Louisa Nicola, this series covers health, wellness, and performance, featuring expert discussions on topics like brain health, longevity, and metabolic health. [Louisa Nicola]

Each podcast offers a unique perspective and expert insights into its respective domain.