Built card


The concept of "building" something on a card involves various aspects, including entrepreneurship, architecture, and personal development. Here are key insights from experts on these topics:

Entrepreneurship and Building Companies

David M. Rubenstein and Patrick O'Shaughnessy discussed leadership and the building of successful companies. Rubenstein highlighted that not all innovators are great administrators but with the right support, they can build impressive businesses. He used the example of Ken Griffin, who built two successful companies, showing how mastering operational details leads to significant success 1.


Frank Lloyd Wright, profiled by David Senra, was described as a person of boundless ambition and faith in himself, which drove him to become one of America's most notable architects. Despite personal and professional ups and downs, his confidence and self-belief fueled a remarkable career in architecture 2.

Personal Development

Matthew McConaughey emphasized building something lasting and being true to oneself. He spoke about the importance of authentic personal development, illustrating how genuine contributions remain valued even as times change 3.

Building Successful Companies

Learn from successful entrepreneurs like Ken Griffin and Steve Jobs on how they built their companies by mastering the details and being nose to the grindstone. Discover the common traits of builders and visionaries who turn innovative ideas into impressive realities.

Invest Like the Best

David Rubenstein - Life, Leadership, and LBOs - [Invest Like the Best, EP. 270]

These examples provide a comprehensive view of building in different contexts, from creating companies to designing buildings and developing oneself. Each story underscores the common theme of vision, perseverance, and an emphasis on details or personal authenticity.