data dignity


Jaron Lanier discusses the concept of data dignity, where individuals have control over their data, contrasting it with a future where data is owned by corporations. He explains that in a world where data dignity is embraced, individuals, like the groundskeepers in his neighborhood, would have more agency and pride. This could lead to more creativity and engagement in tasks, resulting in a more vibrant and innovative society. Lanier uses the example of these workers coming together to prevent fires as a metaphor for broader community cooperation and mutual benefit in data management 1.

In another conversation, Kevin Scott from Microsoft talks about the concept of valuing data contributions, referring to it as data dignity. He emphasizes the challenges of creating transparent marketplaces for valuing data contributions and discusses projects at Microsoft aimed at realizing this idea, such as collaborations with Jaron Lanier and Glenn on data as labor 2.

These discussions highlight the potential for a future where individuals could be compensated for the data they generate, envisioning a change in the intersection of technology and human value creation.

Data Dignity

Jaron discusses the concept of Data Dignity and compares two futures - one where data is owned by corporations and another where individuals have control over their data. He uses the example of groundskeepers in his neighborhood to illustrate the potential consequences of each future.

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Jaron Lanier: Virtual Reality, Social Media & the Future of Humans and AI | Lex Fridman Podcast #218