Original Thinkers


Here are some original thinkers who have been featured on "My First Million" podcast and other platforms:

  1. : Known for his modern interpretation of Stoicism and as a public-relations strategist. Holiday is the author of multiple best-selling books and owns the Painted Porch Bookshop. He has appeared across various podcasts to share his views on philosophy, marketing, and personal development.

  2. : Founder of AppSumo and an early employee at Facebook, Noah Kagan is recognized for his expertise in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. His entrepreneurial acumen is highlighted through his ventures and his ability to quickly grow businesses.

  3. : A journalist and political analyst known for his insightful commentary and analysis in the political landscape.

  4. : An entrepreneur who has successfully scaled his gym chain and founded companies like GymLaunch and Acquisition.com. Hormozi is known for his sales strategies and expertise in the fitness industry.

  5. : Founder and CEO of Kernel, a company focusing on monitoring brain activity, and OS Fund, which invests in early-stage science and technology companies. Johnson brings a unique perspective on entrepreneurship and venture capital with a focus on transformative technologies.

  6. : Founder of The Climate Corporation, which leverages technology to impact agricultural processes. Friedberg is recognized for creating significant advancements in agricultural technology.

  7. : An author, entrepreneur, and podcaster who has established numerous companies and has written several books on finance and personal development.

  8. : A neuroscientist at Stanford University, specializing in brain function, behavior, and therapy techniques. His work significantly contributes to understanding the human brain and its applications to everyday life.