Importance of knowing your job


Understanding your job deeply is crucial for several reasons, as discussed by and . They highlight the importance of recognizing and embracing a higher purpose or "divine revelation," which can profoundly anchor and direct professional and personal growth. This understanding can rebalance how one deals with challenges and provides a foundation from which one can explore all facets of life with groundedness. Knowing your job fully helps in overcoming fears, shedding limiting self-perceptions, and aligning with a sense of higher truth and purpose, which in turn makes one more resilient and adaptive in their professional role 1.

Divine Revelation

Mark and Aubrey discuss the importance of divine revelation and the power of surrendering to a greater force. Lubomir emphasizes the need to overcome fear and shame to fully embrace the divine and become a vessel for greater intelligence.

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Find Your Excalibur In the Heart of Darkness w/ Lubomir Arsov # 458