Do diets work for everyone?


Diets do not work universally for everyone. explains that regardless of the type of diet (e.g., paleo, keto, vegan), there is a failure rate of about 85-90% within a year. This high failure rate suggests that standard diets are not effective for the majority of people over the long term 1.

further emphasizes the importance of personalized approaches to dieting. He mentions that different people have unique responses to various diets due to the complexity of the human body. Technological tools like continuous glucose monitors and apps can help individuals understand how specific foods impact their health, leading to more personalized and effective dietary choices 2.

also shares that different dietary approaches work for different individuals based on personal preferences and physiological responses. He illustrates this by discussing how he personally benefits from a low carb diet, while acknowledging that others might find success with different methods like intermittent fasting 3.

Sustainable Health

Kara and Sal discuss the high failure rate of diets and how their goal is to help people achieve sustainable health by personalizing their approach and shifting their psychology towards healthy habits. They emphasize the importance of adjusting to life changes and finding what works for each individual.

Mind Pump Podcast

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These insights suggest that a one-size-fits-all approach to dieting is often ineffective, and that personalization is key to finding a sustainable and successful diet.