Postural stress


Louisa Nicola discusses the impact of postural stress on overall health in her podcast. She highlights the problems associated with poor posture, noting it as a significant type of stress that affects musculature and balance. Dr. Ron Ehrlich, a guest expert, further elaborates on the vast amount of postural stresses developed today, emphasizing that these can influence the whole body. He points out that the common lifestyle of sitting for prolonged periods, even with exercise, is insufficient to mitigate these stresses 1.

Nutritional and Environmental Stress

Dr. Ron Ehrlich discusses the impact of our modern diet on our health and the environment, highlighting the hidden costs of cheap, mass-produced food. He explores the interconnectedness of our health and the environment, emphasizing the importance of making choices that are both good for us and the planet.

The Neuro Experience with Louisa Nicola

39: Dental, Emotional, Postural and Environmental Stress. A Q&A With Dr Ron Ehrlich