Race cup

It seems like you might be interested in podcasts related to racing competitions. Here are some relevant podcasts:

  1. F1: Beyond The Grid Hosted by Tom Clarkson, this podcast offers in-depth interviews and stories from the world of Formula 1 racing. Guests include drivers, team principals, and designers who share insights into the sport’s technical and personal challenges.

  2. The Running Explained Podcast Hosted by Elisabeth Scott, this podcast delves into running, training, and nutrition, featuring experts like coaches and nutritionists. It covers topics relevant to all levels of runners.

  3. The Strength Running Podcast Hosted by Jason Fitzgerald, this podcast is focused on improving running performance and injury prevention, bringing on professionals like therapists and professional runners to discuss various aspects of running science.

If you need more information or insights from any specific episode within these podcasts, feel free to ask!