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The episode "029R | Valuist" of the covers a range of topics centered around the theme of reaching financial independence through frugality and minimalism. Key discussions include:

  1. Book Giveaway: Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendosa announce a giveaway of J.L. Collins’s book, "The Simple Path to Wealth", encouraging listeners to leave reviews to win the book. They stress the importance of sending an email with the reviewer's screen name to match the review for entry into the giveaway 1.

  2. Minimalist Closet: A guest shares advice on how to curate a minimalist wardrobe by conducting an "aesthetics check" on remaining clothes. The approach emphasizes simplicity, the avoidance of trendy or defective items, and saving money by making selective purchases 2.

  3. Minimalism and Frugality in Financial Independence (FIRE): Brad and Jonathan dive into the psychological elements of saving and investing for the future. They explore the differences between being a minimalist and a frugalist, and how these lifestyles support financial independence 3.

    Book Giveaway

    Brad and Jonathan announce the winner of their book giveaway and remind listeners to leave a review on iTunes or Stitcher and send an email to [email protected] to enter the drawing. They also discuss the importance of sending an email to match up the screen name with the review.


    029R | Valuist
  4. Talking Retirement: Brad discusses the challenges of discussing retirement with a spouse or significant other. He emphasizes framing the conversation around positive aspects of FI/RE like long-term happiness and togetherness, rather than the stereotypical and often daunting notion of retirement 4.

  5. Conversations on Financial Independence: The focus here is on handling conversations about financial independence (FI) with friends and coworkers, particularly dealing with potential pushback and the importance of timing and approach when introducing the concept to others 5 6.

This episode highlights practical approaches to adopting a financially independent lifestyle, focusing on minimalism and psychological strategies to embrace and communicate the principles of FI/RE effectively.