New platforms

Here are some podcasts that focus on new or emerging platforms and technologies:

    • Creators: Kara Swisher, Scott Galloway
    • Description: Insights into the tech industry, business, and politics.
    • Host: Demetrios Brinkmann
    • Topics: MLOps, language models, production AI, data science, and ML platforms.
    • Creator: Andrew Greenstein
    • Focus: Innovations and upcoming trends in technology.
    • Host: Lukas Biewald
    • Themes: Machine learning, AI, and related technologies.
    • Host: Lenny Rachitsky
    • Topics: AI, software development, product operations, and growth strategies.
    • Covers: AI, autonomous vehicles, electrification, and more tech trends.
    • Hosts: Various experts from Andreessen Horowitz.

These podcasts feature discussions on new platforms, technologies, and industry disruptions.