Should you hold onto classic cars?


Holding onto classic cars can be a smart investment. Sal Di Stefano and Adam Schafer discuss that owning desirable all-gas engine cars now, especially if they are well-preserved, could see significant value increases in the future. This is largely due to a blend of nostalgia and potential unresolved issues with electric car infrastructure, making classic cars more desirable 1.

Additionally, classic cars tend to hold their value better than most luxury cars. Adam Schafer noted that classics draw more respect and attention than expensive exotic cars, which often depreciate rapidly. As classic cars become rarer due to accidents or deterioration, their value can increase 2.

Overall, if you can maintain and possibly upgrade a classic car, it might be worthwhile to hold onto it for both personal enjoyment and potential future financial gains 3.

The Future of Gas Engine Cars

Sal, Adam, and Justin discuss the future of gas engine cars and the potential value they may hold in the future. They explore the idea that owning a desirable gas engine car now could be a smart investment, as collectors and future generations may seek them out. They also touch on the unresolved issues surrounding battery and solar grid problems with electric cars.

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