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The features a discussion between Shannon McLay, Brad Barrett, and Jonathan Mendosa on the .

Key highlights include:

  • Fitness and Finance Intersection: Jonathan Mendosa draws parallels between improving fitness and finances, emphasizing how enhancing one area positively impacts the other 1.

  • Shannon's Journey: Shannon McLay talks about her transition from a lucrative career at Merrill Lynch to founding The Financial Gym. She shares how she bootstrapped the business, tested pricing models, and gradually built a client base. Her perseverance led to significant client success stories, including increased net worths and improved credit scores 2 3.

    Fitness and Finance

    Jonathan and Shannon discuss the connection between fitness and finance, highlighting how improving one aspect can lead to improvements in the other. They encourage listeners to get started and press the subscribe button to stay tuned for more valuable content.


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  • Long-term Mindset: Emphasis is placed on adopting a sustainable, long-term approach to financial planning, akin to maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than short-term diets 4.

  • Money Back Guarantee: The Financial Gym's policy guarantees results as long as clients commit to the process, illustrating Shannon's confidence in her methodology 5.

  • Trusting the Journey: Shannon reflects on her personal and professional journey, underscoring the importance of trusting one's instincts and learning from each step, even the challenging ones 6.

Through these discussions, the episode offers valuable insights into financial fitness and the entrepreneurial spirit.