How does curiosity impact journalism?


Curiosity plays a significant role in journalism, enhancing both the depth of reporting and the engagement of audiences. According to A.J. Jacobs, curiosity drives a journalist to explore even seemingly mundane topics, revealing their hidden complexities and importance. This perspective is influenced by the late Alex Trebek's philosophy of being curious about everything, even things that initially seem uninteresting. Jacobs notes that adopting a "puzzle mindset" helps journalists tackle complex subjects more effectively, viewing them not as debates or conflicts, but as mysteries to be unraveled. This mindset not only enriches the content but also promotes more nuanced and comprehensive reporting 1.

The Power of Curiosity

A.J. Jacobs shares an inspiring quote from Alex Trebek about being curious about everything, even the most boring things. He discusses the importance of adopting a puzzle mindset and how curiosity can help solve problems and bridge differences. A.J. also reveals surprising twists and turns in his book writing process, including a thrilling chapter on a mysterious puzzle at the CIA headquarters.

Tim Ferriss Show

A.J. Jacobs — How to Be Less Furious and More Curious | The Tim Ferriss Show