Here are some experts featured in Tim Ferriss's podcasts:

  1. : An American educator, freelance author, and a life master in chess. He co-founded The Princeton Review and advises global macro strategies. He has appeared on both "The Knowledge Project" and "Tim Ferriss Show".

  2. : Recognized globally as a negotiation expert, he co-founded the Harvard Program on Negotiation. His notable books include "Getting to Yes" and "Possible: How We Survive (and Thrive) in an Age of Conflict".

  3. : A philosopher and Assistant Professor in Cognitive Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto. His work bridges science and spirituality to explore meaningfulness and wisdom.

  4. : Known as "The Gentleman Thief", Apollo is a master sleight-of-hand artist and deception specialist. His TED Talk on misdirection is among the 20 most-watched of all time.

  5. : An author, educator, and the Thaddeus R. Beal Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School. She is known for her expertise in negotiation and difficult conversations.

  6. : Founder of Farnam Street, a blog focused on clear thinking. He hosts The Knowledge Project podcast and is the author of The Great Mental Models series.

  7. : An influential teacher in the Vipassana movement in American Theravada Buddhism. Kornfield trained as a Buddhist monk and has taught mindfulness meditation globally since 1974.

  8. : A prominent journalist known for her coverage of the internet business and technology sectors. She co-founded Recode and hosts the podcast "On with Kara Swisher".

These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various fields, contributing significantly to their respective industries and subjects.