State of consciousness


The concept of consciousness encompasses various states and aspects, each intriguing and complex in its own right.

  1. Transcendent State of Consciousness: Dr. Alok Kanojia discusses the transcendent state of consciousness named "durya," which is beyond the cognitive mind and allows for pure, unfettered perception and experience. This state is described as a departure from the usual conscious understanding influenced by one's frame of reference 1.

  2. Levels of Consciousness: Neil deGrasse Tyson and George Mashour discuss various levels of consciousness, ranging from basic awareness to self-awareness. They explore medically induced comas as a method of measuring the lowest limits of consciousness using EEG, highlighting different conscious capacities 2.

  3. Access vs. Phenomenal Consciousness: Stephen West elucidates on two categorizations of consciousness: access consciousness, which deals with cognitive processes related to our interactions with the external world, and phenomenal consciousness, which refers to the subjective experiences that seem unique and distinct from cognitive processes 3.

    Transcending Consciousness

    Tom and Alok discuss transcending the mind's distortions to reach a state of true consciousness. Alok introduces the concept of "durya," a state beyond the mind, where pure perception exists. Their dialogue delves into the idea of shaping one's lens of perception to access a deeper understanding of reality.

    Impact Theory

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  4. Heightened States: Jamie Wheal touches on heightened states of consciousness induced by pharmacological means such as LSD, psilocybin, and ketamine. These substances affect neural activity leading to states of consciousness that exceed the normal waking state baseline 4.

  5. Consciousness and Intelligence: Christof Koch differentiates between consciousness and intelligence, emphasizing that consciousness is about being and experiencing, which might exist independently from functional intelligence 5.

These expert discussions offer a glimpse into the depth and variety within the study of consciousness, from pure experiential states to the impact of external interventions on conscious experience.