How does the D Total dice work?


The D Total dice is a unique multi-functional dice designed to replace the need for multiple different dice during gameplay. According to , its inventor, the D Total dice has 24 faces and is laid out much like a wristwatch. Each position on the dice, corresponding to hour marks on a watch, represents the outcome of a dice with different numbers of sides. For example, the 3 o'clock position represents a three-sided dice roll, while the 12 o'clock position symbolizes a roll of a twelve-sided dice. The design allows a game master to quickly generate results from one roll while keeping players uncertain of which specific dice roll is being used, streamlining the game process 1.

The Remarkable D Total

Louis Zocchi discusses the unique features of the D total dice, which can replace all other dice in a game. He explains how the dice is designed like a watch, with different symbols representing the results of rolling it as different sided dice. This innovative design allows game masters to quickly provide information without players being able to argue with them, resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

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Game Science Dice with Louis Zocchi