Vision model

Here are some podcasts that discuss topics related to the vision model or have content related to technology and AI models:

  1. Focuses on MLOps, language models, production AI, data science, and ML platforms, likely to cover vision models in their discussions about AI and machine learning technologies.
  2. Science Vs: Hosted by Wendy Zukerman, this podcast explores various scientific topics and could potentially discuss the science behind vision models.
  3. Marques Brownlee Reviews!: While primarily focused on tech reviews, Marques Brownlee's expertise in technology might touch on the application of vision models in new tech products.
  4. The Social Radars: Explores technology and entrepreneurship, possibly including discussions on the impact of vision models on startups.
  5. 20VC: Covers a broad range of technology trends and venture capital, which may include discussions on investments in companies developing or utilizing vision models.

If you need more specific information or listing of episodes concerning vision models, please let me know!