Organized Crime


The hosts of Mind Pump Podcast discussed the prevalence and evolution of organized crime, focusing on various regions and aspects like corporate involvement and the historical role of organized crime in places like Las Vegas. Here are some of the key points they touched on:

  1. Prevalence by Region:

    • Organized crime, including activities like cartel operations, is particularly prevalent in Mexico. Discussions highlighted how open acts of violence, such as shootings at airports, are indicative of the significant power held by these groups in certain regions 1.
    • In Italy, they discussed different mafia organizations, citing specific ones like the Sicilian Mafia, the Calabresi mob (known as 'Ndrangheta), and others based in Naples (often referred to as Camorra) 1.
  2. Historical Context:

    • Discussion about Las Vegas noted that the city was influenced by mob activities historically, especially during the 1960s through the 1980s, but has since moved towards being more corporately run. However, implications remain that organized crime has just become more sophisticated rather than dissolved 2.
  3. Corporate Involvement and Evolution:

    • They proposed that as organized crime entities became more sophisticated, they potentially melded into, or formed, legitimate businesses and corporations, influencing from behind the scenes. This was highlighted with examples in industries like online gambling and perhaps strip clubs and car dealerships 3.

      Organized Crime

      The hosts discuss the prevalence of organized crime around the world, with a focus on Mexico and Italy. They also touch on the idea of corporations working with the government as a form of organized crime.

      Mind Pump Podcast

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  4. Broader Reflections:

    • The conversation expanded to modern corporate interactions with governments, questioning if these could be seen as a form of organized crime due to their substantial influence and control over laws, describing such relationships as "the ultimate gangster" 1.

Overall, the dialogue on Mind Pump Podcast indicated a complex view of organized crime as a deeply embedded, evolving part of societal and economic structures, extending beyond traditional illegal activities into realms typically considered legitimate.