How to access creative states?


Accessing creative states can be approached differently depending on whether you are in a relaxed or alert mental state. Here are some of the key methods discussed by :

  1. Modes of Creativity:

    • Creativity has two main phases: discovery and implementation. The discovery phase involves experimenting with ideas in a relaxed, almost playful manner. This phase is best accessed during states when you are relaxed or slightly sleepy. Conversely, the implementation phase, which is about organizing these ideas into something structured, requires alertness and focus. 1
  2. Optimal Time of Day:

    • finds that his personal creative phase occurs during a specific afternoon block. This suggests that identifying your own optimal time of day based on your natural alertness and relaxation cycles can enhance creativity. 1 2
  3. Use of Substances:

    • While some may use substances like psychedelics to access creative states, highlights that they generally only support the brainstorming or discovery aspect of creativity, not the implementation phase. Likewise, side effects and dependency risks mean it's not an advisable method for everyone. 3

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  4. Open Monitoring Meditation:

    • Open monitoring meditation is a specific type of meditation suggested to foster creativity. It involves sitting back and observing thoughts without directing them, thus enabling access to the creative networks in the brain. This meditation style supports the ability to come up with new and novel ideas. 4

Each method impacts how the brain navigates the complex process of being creative, balancing between open-ended exploration and focused implementation.