What is true happiness?


Brad Barrett defines true happiness as a process of stepping outside societal norms to pursue a life of happiness and meaning. He emphasizes the need for people to make intentional choices about their lives, which includes financial independence as a foundational element to facilitate this kind of life. Happiness, according to Barrett, is found in this intentionality and the freedom to make life choices that are true to one's self 1.

Additionally, he talks about finding harmony in one's life, suggesting that financial independence enables people to design a life they genuinely want to live. Barrett highlights the significance of having control over one's time and resources, which he argues leads to a more harmonious life 2.

Pursuing Happiness

Brad and Jonathan discuss how pursuing a life of happiness and meaning is more important than conforming to societal norms. They also touch on the importance of financial independence and not feeling guilty for the choices we make in life.


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