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In the of the , Brad Barrett and Jonathan Mendonsa talk with Lisa about her tumultuous journey towards financial independence.

Key points discussed in the episode include:

  1. Mental Barriers: Brad emphasizes the importance of self-belief and overcoming mental blocks, inspired by the Impact Theory podcast 1.

  2. Lisa's Comeback: Lisa shares her experience of rebuilding her life after a tough divorce, during which she became a single parent and had to financially support her mother 2.

  3. Identity and Possessions: Lisa and Jonathan discuss the emotional difficulty of detaching one's self-worth from material possessions like a large house and an impressive pool 3.

    Overcoming Mental Barriers

    Brad discusses the importance of self-belief and overcoming mental barriers with insights from the Impact Theory podcast. He encourages the audience to identify their own mental blocks and question their validity, citing Lisa's belief in her coachability as an example.


    051 | Mad Money Monster | A Roller Coaster Path to FI
  4. Amazon Addiction: They also touch on spending habits, where Lisa talks about occasionally using Amazon for essential purchases, while Jonathan discusses his efforts to control impulsive Amazon shopping 4.

  5. Hot Seat Insights: The episode wraps up with Lisa's favorite blogs and articles that have impacted her financial journey, and the hosts sharing their own personal insights on these topics 5.