Red light therapy for stroke victim's. Whats the light luts or nits for best benifits and for how long and how far away from the person


Red light therapy can be beneficial for various health issues, including stroke recovery, but specific recommendations for light intensity, duration, and distance from the person are crucial.

  1. Light Intensity (Lumens/Nits)

    • The therapeutic wavelengths for red light therapy typically range from 650 to 800 nm, which includes both red and near-infrared light. This is essential for effective treatment 1.
  2. Duration

    • Recommended duration for red light therapy varies, but exposing the affected area for about 12-20 minutes per session is a common suggestion 2.
    • For eye-related issues, preliminary studies suggest 2-3 minutes, 3-4 times a week 2.
  3. Distance

    • Optimal distance generally falls within 12-18 inches. This allows the light to permeate the skin and provide deeper tissue benefits 1 2.
    • Staying too far away, such as 2-3 feet, reduces the effectiveness as the light intensity decreases 2.

In summary, for effective red light therapy, use the recommended wavelength range (650-800 nm), apply it for about 12-20 minutes per session, and maintain a distance of 12-18 inches from the target area. These parameters should provide substantial therapeutic benefits.

Light Therapy Recommendations

Andrew Huberman discusses the benefits of red light therapy and provides recommendations for using it, especially for those living in northern regions with limited morning light or extreme cold temperatures. He explains the proper wavelengths and distances for effective red light therapy, as well as its ability to penetrate tissues.

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