It seems you may be referring to a person with the last name "Samuelson." However, I couldn't find any experts specifically with the last name "Samuelson" in the data. Could you please provide more details or context? Alternatively, here are some individuals with a similar sounding name or relevant expertise:

  1. : Neo-Marxian Economist and Professor Emeritus known for his work on economic inequality and political hierarchy.
  2. : Philosopher and neuroscientist discussing a wide range of topics including rationality, ethics, and neuroscience.
  3. : Principal AI Engineer at Redis, heavily involved in high-performance computing and machine learning.
  4. : Member of MakerDAO, a significant player in the decentralized finance space.
  5. : Composer and educator analyzing significant music compositions on his podcast.

Please let me know if you meant one of these individuals or if you have additional information that could help narrow down your interest.