How did analytics help movie marketing?


Analytics have significantly advanced movie marketing by enabling more targeted and efficient promotional strategies. Thomas Tull, former CEO of Legendary Entertainment, shared insights on how his company utilized analytics to improve their marketing efforts. They acquired a boutique analytics company to develop a system that allowed for a more customized messaging approach. This system helped them discern which potential viewers were most likely to be interested in their films, allowing them to focus their marketing efforts more effectively and reduce wastage on uninterested audiences. For instance, by recognizing that certain ads were not reaching the intended demographic (e.g., an ad for a movie like "The Dark Knight" appearing during a show like "The Golden Girls"), they could adjust their strategies to maximize returns on investment 1.

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Thomas Tull, former CEO of Legendary Entertainment, discusses his frustrations with the traditional movie marketing model and how he used analytics to create a more customized message for potential viewers. He explains how this had a significant impact on their business.

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