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In the episode "How To Make Millions By Pitching TV Shows To Netflix, Hulu And Apple (#358)" from the podcast , and explore various dimensions of content creation and its challenges. They discuss the slow feedback loops associated with creating TV shows compared to the quick feedback provided by platforms like YouTube, arguing that show creation involves a higher risk due to lengthy production and distribution times. Shaan believes that his ability to produce a hit show is significantly lower than creating popular YouTube content, estimating a success rate of only two out of ten for shows 1.

Additionally, Shaan predicts a potential massive brand payoff if athletes invest in creating high-quality content on platforms like YouTube over traditional streaming services. He argues that this approach, similar to what did with his documentary, offers a long-term strategic benefit greater than immediate payouts from streaming services 2.

The episode touches on various anecdotes and insights into digital entrepreneurship, media strategies, and personal anecdotes, providing a comprehensive overview of the potentials and pitfalls of innovative content strategies in the streaming era.

Hit Rate

Shaan and Sam discuss the hit rate of creating successful content, comparing the slow feedback loop of producing a show to the quick feedback loop of YouTube. Shaan believes his hit rate for a show would be lower, while Sam questions how many game-changing pieces of content start from small beginnings.

My First Million

How To Make Millions By Pitching TV Shows To Netflix, Hulu And Apple (#358)