Spandex pants


Sara Blakely discusses her journey with Spanx, highlighting the importance of passion and dedication in entrepreneurship. Despite a lack of experience in fashion or business, her enthusiasm for the product led to its success. She mentions starting Spanx with basic tools like laminated photos of her before and after wearing the product, which she displayed in department stores. Blakely emphasizes that consistency and dedication can overcome lack of resources or knowledge in the beginning stages of a business 1.

Additionally, Adam Schafer from the Mind Pump Podcast humorously discusses the gym etiquette relating to men's spandex pants, suggesting they should be worn with shorts or pants over them for modesty 2.

Building Spanx

Sara Blakely shares her journey of building the successful brand Spanx, from learning about shipping logistics to being the before and after butt model. She emphasizes the importance of identifying strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur and the value of starting small and growing organically.

The James Altucher Show

314 - Sara Blakely [Anniversary Episode]: How to Get a Billion Dollar Idea