How did Craig find support in prison?


Craig found support in prison through various sources:

  1. Support Group and Neighbor: Craig received guidance from a neighbor who recommended he reach out to a friend who runs a support group for white-collar criminals. This helped him understand the type of facility he might be placed in and introduced him to the concept of "good time," which could potentially reduce his sentence duration 1.

  2. Family Support: During his early days in prison, Craig's family showed extraordinary support, offering whatever resources he and his wife might need, giving him hope and encouragement during this challenging period 2.

  3. Establishing Values: While in prison, Craig developed a set of personal values—action, gratitude, and freedom—which provided him with a framework for decision-making and helped him find meaning and direction 3.

    Serving Time, Support Group

    Craig shares his experience of serving time and how he found support through a neighbor and a support group for white collar criminals. He explains the possibility of going to a camp setting or a low facility and the concept of good time in reducing his sentence.

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  4. Engagement in Activities: Craig also immersed himself in various activities like workouts and intellectual exercises. He discussed workouts in prison and engaged in creative problem-solving activities with other inmates, which helped him create a sense of purpose and community 4.