Can emotions override logic?


Emotions can indeed override logic, influencing our decisions and behaviors substantially. explains that emotions are the primary drivers of our reasoning processes. When emotions are triggered, they often dominate and shape the logical arguments we construct in our minds. This can lead us to justify our feelings with logic that might not be sound, effectively showing that emotion can govern logic rather than the other way around 1.

Moreover, and discuss that trying to override emotions with pure logic during discussions or conflicts in relationships does not work effectively. They emphasize that logic and emotion can coexist, and both are essential for understanding and responding to various situations effectively 2.

Thus, emotions can overpower logical thinking, particularly in personal interactions and decision-making processes, influencing how we act and react in different situations.

Emotions Trump Logic

Explore the power of emotions and how they can influence our thoughts and actions. Learn how emotions can shape our perception and decision-making process, and the importance of being mindful of their impact on our lives.

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