Type Two Fun


Type Two Fun refers to experiences that may be challenging or even discomforting while they occur but are viewed as enjoyable and valuable when reflected upon later. This concept is often associated with activities like mountain climbing or starting a business, where the immediate experience involves considerable effort or discomfort. Despite the struggles faced during the activity, this type of fun becomes memorable and fulfilling upon looking back. 1

For example, climbing a mountain in adverse conditions might feel overwhelming at the moment, but later, when sharing the story with friends, it becomes a cherished memory that signifies achievement and adventure. This transformation from a challenging experience to a rewarding story is what characterizes Type Two Fun. It contrasts with Type One Fun, which involves straightforward, enjoyable activities without significant adversity, and Type Three Fun, which is unfavorable during the event and typically remains so even in retrospect. 2

Embracing Type Two Fun

Colin and Chris discuss the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing adversity to learn and grow. They introduce the concept of Type Two Fun, which refers to challenging experiences that may not be enjoyable in the moment but become epic and rewarding upon reflection.

Modern Wisdom

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