How do steroids impact muscle growth?


Steroids significantly impact muscle growth by enhancing muscle protein synthesis, increasing muscle size, and improving recovery times. Specifically, they help to:

  1. Boost Recovery: Steroids enhance the body's recovery abilities, allowing athletes to train harder and more frequently without excessive muscle fatigue.
  2. Increase Muscle Mass: They promote muscle protein synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown, leading to larger and stronger muscles.
  3. Improved Training Ability: By increasing energy levels and reducing recovery time, steroids enable athletes to engage in more intense and prolonged training sessions.

For instance, in a discussion with Nicky Rod and Craig Jones, they mention that steroids help in recovery and the ability to train more, although some athletes become overly reliant on their strength rather than their technique, which can be a drawback in certain competitive settings 1. Furthermore, Lex Fridman's conversation with Chris Duffin highlights that while steroids can improve recovery and muscle protein synthesis, the overall performance boost is around 10% 2.

It's also important to note that while steroids enhance physical abilities, they come with significant health risks and should ideally be considered carefully, especially in contexts outside professional sports 3.

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