Are earwax candles safe?


Earwax candles are not safe and are generally discouraged as a method for ear cleaning. Jordan Harbinger and guest David C. Smalley discussed the numerous hazards associated with ear candling. These include risks of burns, punctured eardrums, and even permanent hearing damage. Additionally, they covered the misleading aspect of the procedure, where the supposed 'ear wax' removed is actually wax from the candle itself, not from the ear. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other healthcare authorities have found no scientific evidence that ear candling provides any health benefits. Instead, it can cause serious harm and complications 1 2. It's recommended to explore safer alternatives for ear cleaning and to consult with healthcare professionals.

Ear Candling Hazards

David and Jordan discuss the dangers of ear candling, including burns, punctured eardrums, and hearing loss. They reference reports from the FDA and the National Institute of Health that show there is no scientific evidence for any medical benefit from ear candling and that its use should be discouraged. They recommend safer options like vacuums or consulting a doctor.

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