Mission Planning

Here are some podcasts that might be relevant to the theme of "Mission Planning":

  1. The Next Great Thing
    Hosted by Andrew Greenstein, this podcast likely discusses innovative ideas and the planning stages behind launching new ventures or technologies.

  2. ChooseFI
    Hosted by Brad Barrett, this show revolves around financial independence but the discipline required in financial planning could loosely relate to mission planning in broader life and project contexts.

  3. Naval
    Navak Ravikant explores a variety of cutting-edge topics including technology, wealth creation, and innovation, elements often crucial in mission planning especially in business and entrepreneurship.

  4. StarTalk Radio
    Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, while primarily focused on astrophysics, the show covers strategic and scientific missions, potentially giving insights into mission planning from a scientific exploration perspective.

  5. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
    Although primarily about personal finance, host Ramit Sethi discusses strategic financial planning which can share principles with mission planning, particularly in terms of setting and achieving goals.

Each podcast approaches planning and strategy from different angles, which might be useful depending on the specific context of the mission planning you are interested in.