Delivering on smaller contracts?


When delivering on smaller contracts, Jordan Harbinger provides several pieces of advice and examples drawn from various situations:

  1. Thorough Review and Attention to Detail: Jordan emphasizes the importance of being meticulous with contract details. He suggests reading contracts multiple times, creating a checklist of common mistakes, and using tools like advanced spell checkers to minimize errors. This practice is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and quality of deliverables 1.

  2. Building Past Performance: According to David Packouz, a guest on Jordan's show, starting with smaller contracts is essential to prove reliability and build credibility (referred to as "past performance"). This track record can then be used to bid on larger contracts. For government contracts, reliability and delivery performance on smaller contracts greatly enhance the chances of securing bigger deals in the future 2.

  3. Balancing Contracts and Profits: The discussion highlights the importance of focusing on profitable contracts rather than chasing numerous smaller ones that may not significantly contribute to the bottom line. David Packouz recounts a scenario where focusing on a massive $300 million contract was more critical than diverting attention to smaller deals, emphasizing that prioritizing significant opportunities can lead to better financial outcomes and less logistical stress 3.

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By following these principles, one can improve the quality and reliability of their contract deliveries and strategically build towards larger and more profitable opportunities.