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Anonymous is a well-known hacktivist group that started on online message boards such as 4chan. Initially, it was a group of young individuals who disrupted gaming chat rooms, but they evolved to undertake more serious activities, including exposing individuals engaging in illegal or unethical behavior. They gained notoriety for doxxing, which involves outing private information online, publicizing the misdeeds of individuals or organizations. Dan Cummins explains that Anonymous is not a cohesive group but a loose collective or an idea. Anyone with hacking skills might decide to take up the mantle for a cause they believe in, making the group's composition highly fluid and dynamic 1.

Differentiating further, characterizes Anonymous similar to the concept of antifa—an ideal or movement rather than a structured organization. This decentralized nature makes the group highly unpredictable and resilient, as there are always new individuals ready to continue the cause even if some members are apprehended 1.

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Unraveling Anonymous

Delve into the mysterious world of Anonymous, a loosely knit hacking group that started on message boards and gained notoriety for their actions. Learn about their origins, their power to expose wrongdoings, and the ever-changing nature of their collective identity.

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