How does play enhance creativity?


Play is a crucial element for enhancing creativity, especially in scenarios where the goal is to generate something new rather than simply repeating or perfecting existing patterns. highlighted an example from the writers of the TV show "The Office." When they encountered creative blocks, instead of continuing to work on their show, they engaged in a playful exercise by sketching out an episode for a different show, "Entourage." This playful diversion, constrained only by a rule that the episode must end with a character winning an award, helped them break free from their rut and return to their main project with renewed creativity. This approach demonstrates that integrating play can rejuvenate creative processes and foster the generation of new ideas 1.

The Power of Play

Deliberate practice is great for honing specific skills, but when it comes to generating something new and being creative, play is essential. In this chapter, Ozan Varol shares how the writers of The Office used play to overcome creative ruts and maintain momentum. Discover the power of play in unlocking your creativity.

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