Causes of diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is primarily associated with insulin resistance, which is influenced by:

  1. Energy Imbalance and Accumulation of Fat: Excess accumulation of fat, particularly in the pancreas and liver, can lead to inflammation and impaired insulin production by the pancreas, exacerbating insulin resistance 1.

  2. Physical Inactivity: Lack of sufficient physical activity is a significant cause of insulin resistance. Clinical studies have shown that even lean individuals who are inactive can exhibit signs of insulin resistance 1.

  3. Sleep Deprivation: Insufficient sleep can drastically reduce glucose disposal, effectively inducing insulin resistance within a week 1.

These factors contribute to a complex metabolic dysfunction, where the body becomes less responsive to insulin, necessitating higher levels to manage blood glucose levels effectively.

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

Peter Attia explains the vicious cascade of insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes, highlighting the role of fat accumulation in the pancreas and liver. He also discusses the importance of physical activity and the impact of sleep deprivation on insulin resistance.

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