Trip to Iceland


Planning a trip to Iceland offers a variety of experiences depending on the duration and what you aim to discover. and have discussed several ideal itineraries and tips for exploring Iceland on the .

Key Highlights for Planning

  1. Travel Duration:

    • Four-Day Trip: Land in Keflavik, drive to southwest Iceland, and stay in towns like Hetler Kozutler for hikes and day trips to waterfalls or horse farms. Spend the last day in Reykjavik and, if possible, stay a night at the Blue Lagoon Retreat before heading back home 1.
    • One-Week+ Trip: Spend about 20-25% of your trip in Reykjavik and the rest in nature. A full loop around the Ring Road takes about 17 hours without stopping, so allow at least 10 days if you plan to explore it. Alternatively, focus on the West Iceland and the Snaefellsnes Peninsula to avoid backtracking 2 3.

      Perfect Iceland Trip

      Discover the perfect four-day trip to Iceland, ideal for families. Explore the beauty of southwest Iceland, with its waterfalls, horse farms, and stunning hikes. End the trip with a relaxing stay at the luxurious Blue Lagoon Retreat before heading back home.

      All the Hacks

      Iceland: Planning an Epic Adventure with Brandon Presser
  2. Best Time to Visit:

    • Summer (June - August): Ideal for long daylight hours and best hiking conditions. Mid to late June offers the most daylight.
    • Shoulder Seasons (March and October): Fewer tourists, good daylight, and beautiful landscapes. October tends to be greener, making it ideal for photography 4.
    • Winter (December - January): For a cozy, culturally rich experience with less emphasis on nature outings due to harsh weather conditions 4.
  3. Unique Experiences:

    • Iceland offers a unique blend of natural wonders and vibrant culture. The term krauma encapsulates the island's simmering volcanic activity and the creative energy of its people. Each visit can reveal a dramatically different experience based on the seasons and weather 5 2.
    • Embrace Iceland's eras concept by revisiting for different types of adventures, whether it’s a serene midnight sun hike in the summer or a thrilling stormy winter excursion 5.

Insider Tips

  • Blue Lagoon Retreat: Consider staying a night or booking a spa package for a unique, luxurious experience 1.
  • Ring Road: Don’t rush it; ideally, take two nights at each stop to fully enjoy the surrounding attractions and avoid feeling like it’s a slog 3.

Brandon Presser and Chris Hutchins have made valuable resources available for those interested in organized trips or more tips from their experiences at All the Hacks Iceland 6 1.