Can small plates help with weight loss?


Using small plates to manage portion size can indeed help with weight loss by creating a visual illusion that you are eating a full meal when in fact the portions are smaller. This psychological trick can help individuals feel satisfied with less food. In a discussion on the , and discuss how small plates create a perception of having a full plate, which can reduce the amount of food eaten and aid in weight loss efforts. It's part of crafting a visual environment that sparks the kinds of actions we want to encourage, such as eating smaller portions to manage weight more effectively 1.

Perception and Behavior

Emily explains why our brains are more tuned in to things that are harmful and how it relates to loss aversion. She also discusses how past experiences and memories inform our perception and belief system. Additionally, Emily talks about how we can shape our environment to impact our behavior, using the example of using a small plate to put less food on.

The Knowledge Project

The Science of Setting and Achieving Goals | Emily Balcetis | Knowledge Project Podcast