Modern Culture

Here are some podcasts that delve into various aspects of modern culture:

  1. ]
    Hosted by Chris Williamson, this podcast explores a wide range of topics, including psychology, self-improvement, mental health, relationships, and more. It features conversations with experts and thought leaders who provide insights into navigating the complexities of modern life.

  2. ]
    Stephen West hosts this series that examines a broad array of philosophical topics, such as the impact of technology on society, the nature of emotions, and ethical considerations in the modern world. It often relates philosophical concepts to contemporary issues.

  3. ]
    Created and hosted by Seth Godin, this podcast addresses topics ranging from technology and education to art and sociology. Each episode explores themes that involve societal norms, culture evolution, and the impact of technology, encouraging listeners to see the world from new perspectives.

These podcasts offer diverse perspectives and deep dives into various elements of modern culture.