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Here's a summary of insights on public relations from trusted experts in the field:

  1. Working with PR Agencies:

    • PR agencies can help optimize the PR approach by identifying compelling aspects of your story and turning them into effective pitches. However, they can be costly and frustrating due to the prevalence of less competent practitioners in the field 1.
  2. Managing PR Agencies:

    • Effective management of PR agencies involves understanding when to engage them and how to integrate their efforts with in-house PR strategies. It's crucial to start with clear acronyms and roles during onboarding 2.
  3. Owning Your Narrative:

    • Companies should aim to own their narratives. This involves balancing direct communication through blogging and traditional press engagements. Press releases are now considered less effective and often a waste of resources 3.

      Optimizing PR Approach

      Jason discusses the pros and cons of working with PR agencies, highlighting the benefits of their expertise in identifying compelling story angles but also cautioning about the potential high costs and frustrations associated with hiring PR professionals who may rely on outdated methods.

      Lenny's Podcast

      How to get press for your product | Jason Feifer (editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine)
  4. Maximizing PR Opportunities:

    • PR is not just about gaining media coverage but also enhances recruiting, retention, and fundraising. Founders should seek to maximize PR opportunities around significant announcements like funding rounds or product launches 4.
  5. Navigating PR Strategies:

    • In competitive fields, strategic PR can include delaying publicity until a strong user base is built to avoid alerting potential competitors. However, some level of early public engagement is necessary to establish the company's image and narrative 5.

These insights stem from discussions with leading experts in the field of public relations, highlighting both the strategic use of PR agencies and the importance of maintaining control over a company's public narrative.


Summarize How to get press for your product | Jason Feifer (editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine)

In the episode "How to get press for your product" from , , the editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine, discusses various aspects of gaining press coverage for products. Here are the key insights:

  1. Understanding Writer-Editor Relationships: It’s crucial to understand how writers and editors interact and the dynamics of this relationship in the context of getting press.

  2. Effective Tactics for Gaining Press: The episode outlines specific tactics for getting media attention for your product. This includes mastering press engagement and understanding the media's needs.

  3. The Role of PR Agencies: Utilizing a PR agency can be instrumental. The episode discusses optimizing your approach with PR agencies and the importance of building strong relationships within the industry.

  4. Choosing the Right Time and Method for Press: Timing is pivotal. The episode goes into details about the best times to seek press and strategies for maximizing press coverage.

  5. Crafting Effective Pitches: The importance of crafting relevant and engaging pitches is emphasized, including how to write effective cold emails that grab attention.

  6. Navigating PR with Strategy: The discussion includes how to navigate the noise of PR, choose the right publications, and reach the desired audience effectively.

  7. Unconventional PR Strategies: The episode also touches on some unconventional PR strategies that can make a difference in how a product is perceived in the market.

This comprehensive discussion provides valuable insights for anyone looking to enhance their product's visibility through effective public relations strategies.