Greatest Players


Here are some insights from Lex Fridman's podcast where experts discuss the greatest players in various fields:

  1. Chess:

    • argues for Magnus Carlsen as the greatest chess player due to his use of computer tools and his peak performance era, while leans toward Garry Kasparov because of his accomplishments without modern technology and his longevity 1.
    • acknowledges both Carlsen and Kasparov, but ultimately believes Carlsen is the greatest due to his high ELO and dominance in a more competitive era 2.
    • himself makes a case for Bobby Fischer, Kasparov, and himself, highlighting Fischer's dominance during his peak, Kasparov's longevity, and his own highest rating and unbeaten streak 3.

      Greatest Chess Player

      Andrea and Alexandra debate who is the greatest chess player of all time, with Andrea arguing that Magnus Carlsen is the best due to the tools available to him in the computer era, while Alexandra believes that Gary Kasparov is the greatest due to his longevity as world champion and his ability to beat more players of his skill level without the aid of computers.

      Lex Fridman Podcast

      Botez Sisters: Chess, Streaming, and Fame | Lex Fridman Podcast #319
    • adds that comparing eras is challenging, but notes Carlsen's consistency and unique combination of styles make him stand out in today's chess world 4.
  2. Football (Soccer):

    • , a Real Madrid fan, considers Lionel Messi the greatest for his all-around game and statistical supremacy, despite recognizing Cristiano Ronaldo's achievements 5.
    • , from Brazil, favors Ronaldo (the original) but acknowledges Pele's legendary status 6.
  3. Poker:

    • names Phil Ivey as the greatest poker player due to his dominance across different poker variants and high-stakes games, comparing his focus and tenacity to that of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods 7.

These insights reflect a blend of performance metrics, era-specific challenges, and personal opinions, recognizing that "greatness" can be subjective and multifaceted.