How is cocaine priced?


Cocaine prices have notably decreased over the years. Freeway Rick Ross mentioned that in the late 1970s to early 1980s, a gram of cocaine could cost around $375. By the time they stopped selling, the price had dropped significantly, with kilograms going for as low as $9,500 compared to the initial $45,000 per kilo 1.

Mitchell Prothero provided some contemporary insights, noting that in Amsterdam, a gram of pure cocaine often sells for about €50, delivered with consistent purity and relatively quick service. This consistency in pricing reflects the vast amounts of cocaine flowing through European ports like Rotterdam and Antwerp, making it more profitable to supply high-quality product to ensure regular customers 2.

Cocaine Prices

Freeway Rick Ross discusses the dramatic decrease in cocaine prices over the years, from paying $375 for a gram in 1979 to only $10 now. He explains how his business disrupted the market and caused prices to drop by 80-85%.

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