How to avoid awkward handshakes?


Avoiding awkward handshakes can be challenging, but small adjustments can help. shared his struggles with handshakes during a stressful experience and how he planned to minimize awkwardness by rehearsing a simple routine: "high five, then bump, high five, then bump" as he went down a line of people 1.

The key takeaways for avoiding awkward handshakes from this discussion include:

  1. Keep It Simple: Stick to straightforward handshake routines to avoid confusion.
  2. Plan Ahead: Know what kind of handshake or greeting is appropriate for the situation.
  3. Be Authentic: Confidence in being yourself can make interactions smoother even if they start awkward 2.

Implementing these tips can help ensure smoother, less awkward exchanges.

Awkward Handshakes

Justin shares his embarrassing experience with handshakes while boarding a plane for a flight. He struggles to choose the right handshake and ends up messing it up, causing him to feel nervous and embarrassed throughout the flight.

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