Is it safe to take melatonin on a regular basis?


Melatonin, while useful for managing sleep-related issues, should be used cautiously, particularly for long-term use. According to , melatonin is safe when used properly but concerns arise from its unregulated status which can lead to variable dosages far exceeding recommended limits 1. Additionally, highlights that although melatonin is considered safe and is effective for time-zone shifts, it doesn't significantly improve sleep quality or duration under normal circumstances 2. He also stresses the potential risk of dependency and the disruption of natural melatonin production if used excessively 3.

Melatonin in Children

Dr. Craig Canapari discusses the rise in melatonin use in children, the importance of using it as part of a behavioral plan, and the safety concerns surrounding its dosage and labeling. He emphasizes the need for parents to work with their pediatrician to ensure appropriate use and to consider long-term behavioral interventions for better sleep success.

The Matt Walker Podcast

#45 - Sleep and Kids Pt.3

For safety, it's crucial to coordinate with healthcare providers to ensure an appropriate dosage and to incorporate it into a broader, behaviorally-anchored sleep management plan.